Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have established a new link to THE SOCIETY OF ROSICRUCIANS with which I had some minor contact years ago when I was delving into groups in the US and elsewhere and hope that others will somehow benefit from any information they find on the link and use it in accordance with occult traditions and laws.....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have posted several links that may be of interest to those seeking information and possible affiliation with certain 'ROSICRUCIAN' groups and organizations that claim to be such and also to be authentic....I do not necessarily agree with them in anything they do, but recognize that they may,indeed, have some relevant and interesting and useful ideas, concepts, practices, methods, and the like but caution everyone to fully examine and experiment on their own and at their own risk and responsibility.......I have read a good deal of the various literatures and things on the subject and have had some contact over the years, since childhood, with some of these groups that have centered around 'occult personalities' usually the 'founders' or 'heads' of such, no matter what title they seem to hold or think they hold......I shall not name any of them here but those who view my blog on this group, which has affinity to other blogs, such as, secret societies, can readily determine for themselves just what these are or have been,etc.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


There are several modern ROSICRUCIAN groups and organizations which offer memberships to the general public on some level and scale and often advertise in various ways...with the internet, more topics and websites and videos appear on such and other occult topics and subjects,etc. as well as personalities of all types...etc. Many are well known to the general public, of course....I have placed some videos on this blog but have not screened or evaluated them in anyway or even watched them....only to provide some stimulus to look at what I have written and discussed.....so I appreciate any comments on these viewers/followers,etc. care to give...thanks in advance...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


THE ROSICRUCIANS have been known as a secret organization for a very long time and this blog will concern my understanding and study of them and my experiences etc. from the time I first heard of them to the present day. Related topics of an arcane, mystical, occult and esoteric nature will also be mentioned and considered when appropriate to this topic as there are many such,especially in popular notions now prevalent.